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NFC Phone Tags

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Transform your smartphone into a powerhouse of connectivity with Tap 2 Target NFC Phone Tags! Reprogram as many times as you like! These are 1inch round NTAG216 chips, and are packed with 888 bytes of memory, and can EASILY be program in 60 seconds or less by scanning the QR code instructions on the back of the packaging!

Stick these stylish tags on your device for instant access to a personal number, crucial emergency contacts for kids’ safety, social media, websites, videos, and beyond. Effortlessly program in just 60 seconds, customizing your digital identity. Share seamlessly – friends and family can tap the tag with their smartphones for quick access to your details.

Elevate your connectivity game with Tap 2 Target, ensuring you’re always linked up in the digital realm. Stay connected, stay safe – embrace the future of personalized information sharing!

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