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YouTube NFC Decal

YouTube 6-inch Round

NFC Static Cling Window Decal

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Allow Notifications to be Informed about NEW Products & SALES!


NEW cutting-edge 6×6 inch static cling window decal – your passport to effortlessly boost your YouTube subscribers! This innovative NFC-enabled decal seamlessly merges technology with self-promotion, offering a novel way to garner subscribers, especially at vibrant car show events.

Crafted to perfection, the decal adheres effortlessly to the inside of your car window, sheltered from the unpredictable clutches of weather. Its static cling design ensures easy placement without adhesives, leaving no residue behind. The NFC (Near Field Communication) integration takes your promotional game to the next level. By simply holding the back of your phone against the decal, it will open up a notification tab. Once clicked on, your YouTube channel springs to life, poised for new subscribers in the blink of an eye.

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